About Images of conflict

Images of conflict surround us. Online, on the news, on our phones: temporary, ephemeral and immediate. They might be directly showing battles, weapons, violence or surveillance. They may use beauty, horror or shock to engage us. They may be so painful we can hardly bear to look at them, or so difficult to understand that we give up and move on. Yet because they pass in front of our eyes quickly, and because we are usually short of time, snatching a look at the news and online streams as we go about our daily lives, there is little opportunity to look closely, to think about what the people of the countries at war are experiencing, what their rights are, why conflict is happening, and what our role is in relation to it.

The Images of Conflict site provides a space where a conversation can take place.  It is about change, and the opportunity to effect change in getting contemplative images of war to a broader population of viewers. We exist in a high-speed environment dominated by increasing amounts of propaganda alongside increasing high technology warfare and the erosion of human rights. Against this background we need to understand conflict, how it starts, what it is like, and how artists and photographers can best produce images which engage our curiosity and make us think.

This site is  password protected, and the discussions should be treated as confidential and participated in with respect to the views of others.